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Software Info
Software Info
AMS Android Advertisement Management System Software
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Key Features: 
1.Android system
2.Full Screen 
3.Cloud-Service Support
4.Multi-User Login ,each has it indepent function
5.Report print function.On line/Off line,media file play times statistics

Software Details :
1.Server software can set Power on video/Power off video .The taxi008 system has apply to play welcome video ,driver info , Off Video .
2.Server software can set frist play VIP Ads ,then play Gernal Ads.
3.Server software can download file to each terminal .And real time send scrolling message.Or full screen play urgent notice.
4.Server software Media equiptment online/off line monitoring .And can print Reports and Statistics .
5.Server software can inquiry taxi driver’s judge result (very satisfied, not satisfied, in general.And can print Reports and Statistics .
6.Server software can inquiry each ads play times and summary.And can print Reports and Statistics .
7.Server software support multi-user login ,taxi company login ,vehicle transportation management department login ,advertisement company login ,and each has it is independent function .
8.Both taxi company &vehicle transportation management department can login to software,release scrolling message or full screen urgent notice ,but can not update ads content.Only advertisement company has right to update ads content .

Software Features :
Play Planning :

 Media File Assign to Play Planning No.

 Reports & Statistics
1.Media Equipment Online/Offline monitoring.

 2.Media File Play times can print Reports and Statistics.

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