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pTaxi009U headrest with U-disk update ads

pTaxi009U headrest with U-disk update ads

The benefits of using a headrest advertising machine that can copy advertisement content from a USB drive include:

Flexibility: It allows for easy and quick updates of advertisement content by simply inserting a new USB drive with updated ads, providing flexibility for advertisers to change their content as needed.

Cost-Effective: It can be a cost-effective method for advertisers to distribute their content across a network of headrest advertising machines without the need for an internet connection or complex content distribution systems.

Offline Operation: The ability to copy content from a USB drive enables the headrest advertising machine to operate offline, making it suitable for areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

Product Details
  1. headrest screen pTaxi009BProduct Information: Product Name: Technical Name: Car-mounted Video Advertisement Player with USB Content Update Model Definition: pTaxi009U Installation Method: Headrest Installation Content Update Method: USB Update

  2. Client Advertisement Machine Functions and Features: This product uses a storage card as a playback medium and can combine entertainment programs, news, and user advertisements for playback in taxis. Specific features include:

    1. USB Update: Automatically update content by inserting a USB drive with an authorization password. Fast copying speed and convenient operation. Unauthorized USB drives will not trigger updates.

    2. Meter Control: When a passenger boards the taxi and the meter starts, the advertisements begin playing. When the passenger exits and the meter stops, the screen turns off, and the playback stops until the next trigger.

    3. Over-current and over-voltage protection design for stable and reliable performance. Successfully operated in multiple cities' taxi fleets.

  3. Operation Method: Once the player is correctly installed in the vehicle, it will automatically enter standby (or playback) mode when the vehicle is started, without requiring any action from the driver.

    1. Automatically play advertisement programs when passengers board the vehicle.

    2. If there are no passengers and the meter stops, the advertisement player enters standby mode.

    3. On startup, the player checks the meter's status. If there are passengers, it automatically starts playing. If there are no passengers, it goes into standby mode immediately after startup (to prevent the need for manual intervention if the vehicle is turned off and restarted while passengers are present).

  4. Performance Parameters:

    1. Operating Voltage: DC 9V–38V (voltage fluctuation protection, peak voltage can reach 60V).

    2. Operating Temperature: 0°C–65°C.

    3. Power Consumption: <800mA under normal conditions, 300mA in typical situations.

    4. Audio Output: 8Ω, 2W×2.

    5. Mute Function.

    6. Built-in Storage: Default 8GB (supports up to 64GB).

    7. Playback Switching: Optional meter light self-control or ACC control, default startup with ACC ignition.

    8. 9-inch 1024*600 high-definition digital screen.