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pTaxi009 headrest advertising player

pTaxi009 headrest advertising player

The profit of taxi headrest advertising player typically involves the following methods:

  1. Advertising Fees: Advertisers pay a fee to have their advertisements displayed on the headrest screens, with the cost often based on factors such as the duration of the ad display and the number of taxis in the advertising network.

  2. Revenue Sharing: Taxi drivers or owners may enter into revenue-sharing agreements with the advertising network, receiving a portion of the advertising revenue in exchange for allowing the headrest advertising machines to be installed in their vehicles.

  3. GPS Targeted Advertising: Advertisers may be charged premium fees for targeted advertising, such as displaying ads in specific geographic locations or during peak hours, to reach a more specific audience.

  4. Additional Services: Some headrest advertising machines may offer additional services, such as interactive ads or QR code scanning, which can generate additional revenue streams for the advertising network.

Product Details

headrest lcd screen  1Specification parameter

lInput voltageDC9V ~ 40V

lElectric current180mA ~ 220mA


lWorking temperature-10~ 60

lLCD screen9inch  800*480 pixel digital screen

lSize230(L)* 170(w)* 120(h)mm

lInstallation formheadrest install


2Technical parameter

lLCDCar grade TFT screen

lCPU1.2G -ARM9 core

lDDR3:  1G


lIndustrial grade Hardware Watch Dog

lCar grade 4G modularEnsure high temperature and other vehicle environment communication smoothly

lMilitary grade power supply modularWe fully consider the overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, lightning electromagnetic environment of vehicle power supply

lMedia file mixed play:support photo,music,movie mixed playing,Who is in front of playing  whom first  


lAudiosupport format PCMMP3/WMA

lPhotosupport JPEG BMP

  lWifi and 4G networking

  lDepth customization ROMThe success of loading 10 thousand, running for 2 years, repeated switch 100 thousand, the software system is stable and reliable


3Server technical parameters

lC/S frameworkSupport multi-user login, different users have different permissions

lRandom split screenVideo area, image area, rolling subtitles area could easy adjustment

lPlay sequencesupport server controlKnock the mouse who will first playing and knock the mouse whom after playing

lRemote downloadeasy control any pTaxi009 download any media file   

  lIntelligent updateThe download task command only need operation once,  No matter whether the pTaxi009  is online or not, when pTaxi009 on-line  would download automatic.

lResume  download from break point  

lSupport multiple play lists simultaneouslyexample first full screen playing,second two split screen and then three split screen.

lGroup controlSupport group control or one by one control