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iTaxi9610 Rear hanging headrest advertising

iTaxi9610 Rear hanging headrest advertising

The benefits of a rear-seat mounted advertising machine :

Effective Advertising: It provides a direct and targeted way to reach passengers in the backseat, making it an effective advertising medium for brands and businesses.

Captive Audience: Passengers in the backseat are a captive audience, making them more likely to pay attention to the advertisements being displayed.

Additional Revenue: For ride-sharing drivers, it can serve as an additional source of income by displaying advertisements while driving passengers.

Brand Exposure: It offers a unique opportunity for brands to gain exposure and create brand awareness among a specific audience.

Cost-Effective: It can be a cost-effective advertising method compared to traditional media, offering a high return on investment for advertisers.

Product Details

taix rear setback advertising player1Specification 

lInput voltageDC9V ~ 40V

lInput current180mA ~ 220mA


lWorking temperature-10℃ ~ 60

lScreen size10.1 inch TFT - Touch  

lResolution Ration: 1280*800

lMaterial: ABS

lDimension243(L)* 160(W)* 230(H)mm  

lInstallation methodto be fixed on the back of headrest  



lLCDCar Grade TFT screen

lCPU: Intel 8-core A5processor  4core1.6G  4core1.2Gpower vr GE8322 550MHZ GPU

lRAM : 2G DDR3

lFlash Memory16G

lAndroid 9.0 software

lIndustrial grade hardware monitoring system

lBuilt-in 4G Module, support TD-LTELTE FDDWCDMATD-SCDMAGSM Make sure the signal transportation steady in any enviroment of vehicle and communicated smoothly.

lMilitary grade power supplyComprehensive protections for the over-current, over-voltage and over-charge , Besides, adding the vehicle terminal protections as the extra guard for higher security.

lBoth Media and Flie playing:support photo, music, movie mixing playing and in order of arrival.  


lAudioPlaying format PCMMP3/WMA

lPhotosupport format JPEG,  BMP

  lBoth Wifi and 4G network connected

  lFully customizated ROM. 10,000 times over-loading testing, 2 years trouble-free working,   100,000 times Fatigue testing,  stable and reliable software operation system.


3Server technical

lC/S frameworkSupport multi-user log in and different rank users with different limit of authority

lRandom switch screenVideo area, image area, rolling subtitles area could be switched easy

lPlaying sequence: Controlled by terminal server which decided to play it in order of priority.

lRemote program downloadingeasy to download by any media or file from the iTaxi9610  

  lIntelligent updateThe download task just requires the operation by once .  No matter the  iTaxi 9610 is online or not,  the task will continue to download automatically as the    iTaxi 9610 online again .

lResume: Go on to download since the latest break point  

lSupport multiple playing lists in the same timeFor example: playing the first item by full screen ,the second item by one half of screen, and the third item by one third of screen.

lGroup controlSupport group control or one to one control  

lRolling subtitlessupport scrolling subtitles on the screen